Coronavirus Outbreak: The best way to clean fruits and vegetables during this pandemic

Coronavirus Outbreak: The best way to clean fruits and vegetables during this pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has spread, people are following all the best practices to keep the virus at bay. One constant challenge that people have been facing is how to clean fruits and vegetable before getting them in their houses.

While most household follow the practice of thoroughly washing all grocery items before storing them, doing the same for fresh fruits and vegetables is not the ideal way to go about the same.

Recently Ministry of Health and Family welfare had tweeted a picture explaining how best to clean the fresh fruits and vegetables. The recommendations including keeping the bag isolated for a while. Post this, it recommends people to wash them thoroughly in lukewarm water. Another option that was shared was to add a drop of chlorine in the water and then rinse fruits and vegetables from the same.

Here is the picture for your reference:

In addition to this, there are also specific products that are being launched to help people clean items of daily needs and maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

One of which is Eco Clean, which claims to be a “safe method for cleaning and sterilizing vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and lentils”. 

It is already available in Mumbai and the company has chalked out plans to strengthen its presence in Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore in the first phase. In our second phase will look at other cities across India. Eco Clean has recently announced a partnership with KMW which as per the joint release shared by the companies will “help increase awareness on hygiene and health”.

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