Donate blood every three months, say doctors

Mumbai  -  

Blood donation is considered to be a noble cause as it goes a long way in saving lives. However, many donors don’t turn up to donate blood from March to May, say city hospitals. This causes inconvenience to thalassemia patients who require blood on a regular basis.

“Whenever we are in need of blood, we call our relatives or go to colleges and ask for blood. But we mostly feel the dearth of blood in the months between April and July when no donor turns up to donate blood. We request that people donate blood during these months as we cannot see our child suffering,” said Darshana Upadhyay.

One unit of blood can save three lives and so doctors suggest that people who are fit to donate blood should donate it once in three months. “Blood donors don’t turn up between March to June and July as many of the blood donors go on leave. Also, many of the blood donors donate blood on 26 January or 15 August. I suggest that instead of donating blood on these days, one should donate every three months so that hospitals get their stock and patients get their blood,” said Dr. Anil Jadhav.

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