No truth in plastic eggs rumour, say experts

    No truth in plastic eggs rumour, say experts
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    How rumours affect the eating habits is being experienced these by people across the state. Here, we are talking about the habit of eating eggs. The rumour affecting this habit is the availability of Chinese ‘plastic eggs’ in the market.

    Dr Sanjay Bokan, a veterinary expert, has flatly denied the existence of such plastic eggs in the state and stated that natural eggs are getting decayed due to rising temperature. Their shell and yolk get stuck and this gives the feel of plastic, he added and advised people to eat less number of eggs in the summer season.
    It’s not simple to create plastic eggs as it requires advanced technology. The eggs made by using such a technology will not be affordable. Hence, the availability of plastic eggs in the state is impossible, said Dr Bokan whose claims have been supported by the food and drug administration.
    As you might have seen, there remains a blank space within the egg while its white shell is a porous one. The outside air enters this black space and the yolk gets stuck to the shell. This process gathers pace in summer. As the state is reeling under a heat wave the eggs have been getting decayed and emanating foul smell, Dr Bokan pointed out.

    Suresh Annapure, joint commissioner (food), FDA Mumbai, has confirmed the information given by Dr Bokan.

    Meanwhile, social media has also played its role in spreading the rumours of plastic eggs being sold in the market but neither anyone has lodged complaint against it nor sent it for testing in laboratories. Annapure has appealed people not to believe in these rumours and asked them to contact the FDA in case they find decayed eggs being sold in the market. As a measure of precaution, two samples of eggs have been taken from Andheri and sent to the lab. The report in this regard is expected soon, Annapure informed.

    Stanny Devidas, an owner of Eden Eggs, said, “I sell hundreds of eggs daily but I haven’t found any plastic egg till date. None of my customers has complained about plastic eggs.”

    A fortnight ago, a man from Dombivli had claimed to have found a plastic egg. Since then this rumour has spread like wildfire in the state. When the concerned person did not approach the FDA, the department officers contacted him but nothing concrete came out of it, informed Thane’s assistant FDA commissioner Suresh Deshmukh.

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