Family members of Mumbai domestic help who tested positive get tested

Family members of Mumbai domestic help who tested positive get tested

A female domestic help in Mumbai was confirmed to be positive with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease). This was the first confirmed coronavirus case in Mumbai to come from a person with no history of foreign travel or of being from an affluent family. 

However, since the maid worked at the home of a person with U.S. travel history, the case was traced fairly quickly.  

“My mother-in-law knows the family for the last many years. She cooked and cleaned for them when they were in the city,” the maid’s daughter-in-law said as she awaits the result from her test. 

The maid is 68 years old, and after being tested positive, said that she lived with her family which comprised of her son, daughter-in-law and one of her two grandsons. To be on the safer side, the authorities have asked them all to get tested. They were said to be queued up at Kasturba Hospital on Thursday afternoon for their tests.

A doctor belonging to the ward of the maid’s basti said that she was reluctant to mention where she worked. However, the doctor added “We got that from her son,” finally allowing authorities to conduct contact tracing which is a rigorous process that involves tracing every contact that a positive COVID-19 case might have had. It is said that the residents of the two couples’ homes where the maid worked have also been asked to get tested. 

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The doctor added that the maid’s son, though hesitant to get tested initially, got himself tested eventually after they convinced him. “Also, 300 other households were inspected to see if anyone exhibited symptoms,” the doctor added.

The authorities reportedly sent in solid waste workers to sanitize the entire slum where the maid lived with sodium hypochlorite to effectively counter the virus.