India's first COVID-19 Ashram in Mumbai by Mumbai Port Trust

India's first COVID-19 Ashram in Mumbai by Mumbai Port Trust

India's first COVID-19 care ashram has been set up in Mumbai by the Mumbai Port Trust. The 70-bed ashram spread on two acres of land was set up by the Mumbai Port Trust Hospital, where coronavirus patients will be treated through yoga, related therapies along with some form of alternative medication.

Officials at the facility said the COVID-19 ashram will help in reducing a load of coronavirus in infected patients at several hospitals and will also offer holistic treatment to patients. 

Currently, the Mumbai Port Trust Hospital caters to more than one lakh employees their families and pensioners. Observing the spread of coronavirus in the city, the Mumbai Port Trust hospital has increased the facility by 120 beds along with centralized oxygen facilities, and 25 additional beds have been assigned for non-covid patients as well. 

Talking about the same chairman of the MbPT Sanjay Bhatia stated that currently around 20 coronavirus positive patients are being treated at the facility, and officials are prepared to treat more COVID-19 patients. 

The COVID-19 ashram will be available for asymptomatic patients who are less than 50 years of age and will have to be shifted from the hospital to the ashram. Furthermore, they will have to go through any daily schedule, which would begin at 6:30 a.m until 9:30 p.m, along with one and a half-hour break post lunch.

Authorities at the centre will also be providing a herbal drink and steam inhalation as a part of treatment. Health check-up will be conducted twice a day. So far, the success rate at the ashram has been 100 per cent.

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