Health centre on sick bay

    Health centre on sick bay
    Mumbai  -  

    Byculla-There are only two health centres in B ward. The one at Janjikar Street suffers a lack of medical facilities. Due to an inadequate supply of medicines and vaccines as well as unavailability of doctors, the patients are reluctant to visit the centre for treatment. The centre's rules stipulate that the doctors should be available all 24 hours but in reality, they are present only from 11 am to 1 pm. Most citizens are unaware of the existence of the centre since there is no board outside the centre. Ward officer Poorva Pavaskar shrugged off this issue as being a 'health department' issue. Patient Bilal Iqbal Sayyed complained that even at 12 pm, he could not meet the doctor.The health department claims that the doctors are novices, so patients need to bear with them.

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