Tips to beat the heat

    Tips to beat the heat
    Mumbai  -  

    Summer has arrived and the temperatures are soaring in the city. All you Mumbaikar's please note these simple tips that will help you protect yourself from the blazing heat -

    - Drink a lot of water, 6-7 litres a day

    - Have health drinks and juices

    - Apply sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns

    - Wear cotton clothes

    - Cover your head and face

    - Eat less spicy food, it’s difficult to digest during summers

    - Drink a glass of buttermilk after the meal, it will cool you down

    - Eat loads of fruits like orange, grapes, apple and banana

    - Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and water bottle wherever you go

    - Avoid going out in open from 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm.

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