J.J. Hospital will now have an OPD for head and neck cancer patients

J.J. Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital have come together for a joint venture to provide an OPD (Outpatient Department) for head and neck cancer patient.


In a first of its kind initiative, Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy (JJ) Hospital will now have an OPD (Outpatient Department) for head and neck cancer patients. The initiative has started to provide affordable healthcare to people who cannot go to private hospitals.  

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As stated in the Free Press Journal, Dr. Srinivas Chavan has said that due to lack of awareness, people ignore early symptoms of cancer and on an average 200 patients daily visit the general OPD at the JJ, St George and GT hospitals. Out of which 20-25 patients show precancerous symptoms with rural population also falling prey to it. 

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As there is a 10 per cent rise in neck and head cancer, doctors from Tata Hospital will examine patients in the OPD every Monday and Wednesday. 

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