JJ Hospital doctors save a man inspite of vital organ injury

33-year-old Salim Sheikh fell 9-feet onto a pile of steel rods, one of which impaled him entering his scrotum and emerging above his right collarbone

  • JJ Hospital doctors save a man inspite of vital organ injury

On Friday, March 9, 2018, a team of surgeons at Sir J J Group of hospitals, Mumbai undertook a daunting challenge, where they operated and surgically removed a 130 cm steel rod which had accidentally impaled 33-year-old Salim Sheikh.

Sheikh while working on the first floor of a construction site, near Lasalgaon, slipped and fell 9-feet below onto a pile of steel rods one of which impaled him entering his scrotum, and emerging above his right collarbone.

His colleagues wisely cut the rod at its base and with the rod still inside Sheikh, they shifted him to Niphad PHC where he was given preliminary treatment. After this, he was referred to Nashik civil hospital. There, Sheikh was resuscitated and stabilised but for further treatment, he was referred to JJ hospital.

The anaesthesia team, headed by Dr. Usha Badole, Thoracoscopic team comprising of Dr. A.H. Bhandarwar, Dr. Shekhar Jadhav, and Dr. Noaman Shaikh, Laparoscopy team comprising of Dr. S.R. Bhagwat, Dr. Amol N. Wagh, and Dr. Jalbaji, Urology team headed by Dr. Venkat Gite and cardiovascular team headed by Dr. K. N. Bhosle performed a five-hour long successful surgery.

Doctors at JJ Hospital began the process of evaluating his injuries and deciding a surgical plan. After stabilising his vital parameters the group of surgeons took Sheikh up for an emergency surgery, where they laparoscopically and thoracoscopically assessed the degree of damage the impaled rod had done to the internal organs. In the abdomen, the rod had pierced through not only the small intestine but also its mesentery, attachment containing the blood vessels supplying it. Damage was also found on the right side of the colon, finally passing through the liver. 

After injuring the liver, the rod penetrated the diaphragm, finally entering the chest. It had passed through the lung to finally emerge from the zone 1 of the neck. After the degree of damage was determined, the rod was dislodged under direct vision. Damage to the organs affected was repaired in the same sitting. The surgery lasted for five hours, after which the patient spent two days in the ICU.

Currently, the patient has been shifted to the general ward. His clinical progress has been satisfactory.

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