KDMC Refunds up to 51% of the Excess Amount Charged by Hospitals to COVID-19 Patients

KDMC Refunds up to 51% of the Excess Amount Charged by Hospitals to COVID-19 Patients

The Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, also known as KDMC, mentioned that it has refunded up to 51 per cent of the excess charges levied by hospitals to COVID-19 patients. This comes as several hospitals in the region were found to be overcharging patients receiving treatment. 

Following the revelations, a detailed audit was conducted upon the directions of KDMC Commissioner, Dr Vijay Suryavanshi. The audit found that nearly 15 hospitals in the Kalyan-Dombivli region charged Rs 31.45 lakh in excess fees from the patients.

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Subsequently, a show-cause notice was sent to the hospitals that were overcharging the patients and it is said that a total of Rs 16.15 lakh has been recovered from them and refunded to the patients so far.

Additionally, the KDMC also said that it has sent a show-cause notice to a private unnamed hospital in Kalyan for not reserving 80 per cent of beds for COVID-19 patients while also not following fixed rates for treatments as ordered by the State and the civic authorities. Officials have warned that hospitals that violate these norms will face action and may even see a suspension/cancellation of their license.

Several discrepancies have been reported across Mumbai’s private hospitals where the patients were charged exorbitantly. With COVID-19 hitting entire families at a time, bills have mounted for middle-class households. It is hoped that the State conducts a similar audit of all the hospitals in Maharashtra, particularly in rural regions that may not have enough oversight.  

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