KEM Hospital Becomes the First Govt Hospital to Digitize COVID-19 Records

KEM Hospital Becomes the First Govt Hospital to Digitize COVID-19 Records

Mumbai’s KEM Hospital has officially started digitizing records of COVID-19 patients and making it accessible via an application made for its medical staff. This app was originally launched way back in May but only went operational this Tuesday. 

This is a big step, albeit a long time coming, given that doctors or hospital administrators will no longer need to carry physical medical records of COVID-19 patients. Handling of papers in bulk during a pandemic led to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 as the virus can be contracted in several ways.  
The app was designed and developed free of cost by programmers from the city’s K J Somaiya College. As soon as a patient is tested, his/her unique identification number is uploaded onto the app, thus making records available at the click of a button for doctors and medical staff. 

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In addition to details like the patient’s medical history, as well as any other relevant information, the app can also show the medications administered to the patient in real-time, the authorities say. Information on the patient’s health and immediate risks is also fed into the app, thus allowing doctors to inform the family accordingly.

It is said that the KEM Hospital’s psychiatry department has access to the app so that they can inform the patient’s family members about their status. The data monitoring was done by a team of five doctors consisting of Amit Bhondve, Yogesh Pawade, Abhijeet Dhende, Parvez Chawki, and Nikhil Rao. 

Interestingly, Dr Pawade’s wife, Prof. Dipti Pawade who works as a professor at K J Somaiya was closely involved with the development of this new app along with her colleagues. She specializes in the Information Technology branch at the institution. 

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