Mumbai businessman dies 50 hours after hair transplant

The 43-year-old businessman developed severe swelling on his face and had complained of breathlessness after a 15-hour-long hair transplant surgery at Hiranandani Hospital.


A shocking incident that has come to light in Mumbai, Shrawan Kumar Chaudhary, a 43-year-old businessman died on March 9 at Mumbai's Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital 50 hours after undergoing hair transplant surgery followed by developing a severe allergy.

The doctors treating Chaudhary said that he died due to an anaphylactic shock - a reaction to the painkillers and drugs that were prescribed to him after a 15-hour-long hair transplant procedure. 

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Chaudhary’s family was ignorant about it while only his driver knew that he was going to go for the procedure where 9,000 grafts of hair were implanted on his head during the surgery which costs ₹5 lakh. His family said that he developed severe breathing problem after he returned home and was rushed to Hiranandani Hospital where he died later.

The police have registered a case under section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC ) on account of medical negligence by hospital authorities.