According to stats, Mumbai leads with the most number of diabetics in India

Data analysis of more than 63 lakh samples by a pathology laboratory over last three-and-a half years shows that 23.74 per cent of Mumbai's tested population has diabetes


A bitter truth for all Mumbaikars comes up to be known on World’s Diabetes day as Mumbai tops the list of having the most number of people with diabetes in India.

A survey conducted by eight major cities in India discovered these findings which were put up on November 14 which coincidently happens to be World’s Diabetes day. This survey shows that out of the 63 million data samples analysed by a pathology laboratory over the past 3 and a half years, 23.74 per cent of Mumbai’s tested population has diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, more than 69 million people in India suffer from diabetes and it kills about 3.5 lakh people every year. "If the number of diabetic patients continues to rise at this pace, India may soon grab the tag of 'diabetic capital of the world' from China. It's a terrible prospect because the most affected will be the working population," said Dr BR Das, advisor and mentor, R&D and Molecular Pathology, SRL Diagnostics, reported TOI. 

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