Now no wastage of food: Modi Government

Now no wastage of food: Modi Government

Modi government seems to be serious with the wastage of food in hotels and restaurants, for which a new law will be introduced in order to avoid food wastage. It is said that food in hotels and restaurants will be served in a limited amount that will be sufficient according to the hunger.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed concern over the issue of food waste during the 'Mann Ki Baat' program. He has appealed people to avoid wastage of food. The government will now keep an eye on people who waste foods in hotels and restaurants.

Central Food Supply Ministry is taking steps in this direction. It will in the process to decide how much food is served in the hotels and restaurants. In fact, the government is planning to ask eateries to serve food as much as required for a person to ease his hunger.

The government is trying hard to introduce a new law to avoid the wastage of food. The government is going to amend the Consumer Protection Act for this purpose. Minister of Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan has said that if a man has less capacity of having food then why should he be served more. Paswan said that this is wastage of food and money.

The concerned Union Ministry is preparing a questionnaire for the distribution in hotels and restaurants, where they will be asked whether the amount of food in a typical plate should be served. To prevent misuse of this now hotels and restaurants will be made partners in this campaign.

President of Ahar, Adarsh Shetty, said that the idea of avoiding wastage of food is good, but, he also pointed towards the Indian mentality of taking food at home which may eventually go waste.

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