Man's liver rushed for transplant in a local train

The liver of a 53-year-old was taken to hospital for transplantation in a suburban train from Thane to Dadar on February 15

Man's liver rushed for transplant in a local train

On February 15, Friday, the liver of a 53-year-old man was successfully transported from Thane to Dadar in a suburban local train to transplant it in a patient at a city hospital. This can be possibly the first incident of a human organ transplant on a Mumbai local train. 

The Ulhasnagar resident was declared brain dead after an accident on Friday, and so, as per his wish, his liver was donated and carried in an ice box from Thane's Jupiter Hospital, where he was admitted. Meanwhile, the hospital official stated that the decision to transport the liver in a train has been taken after the doctors advised that it was the fastest mode of transport without traffic hassles.

A hospital statement said,

Considering the retrieval was planned for 11 am and the possible transportation leg would have been around 12.30 pm which is peak traffic time for vehicular movement on the Eastern Express Highway, the Global Hospital team possibly thought of using the local train network as the fastest and most reliable way of transporting the organ."

After the train journey was completed, a van from Parel carried the heart to the Global Hospital. The entire operation was conducted with coordinated efforts from traffic police officers and railway officials.