Doctors at BJ Wadia Hospital successfully separate new-born conjoined twins

As per reports, the team performed this landmark surgery of six hours on the twins conjoined at abdomen. The surgery was performed on Day 14 of their lives.

Doctors at BJ Wadia Hospital successfully separate new-born conjoined twins

A team of paediatric surgeons, neonatologist, paediatric anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, cardiac surgeons at Parel-based Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital successfully separated conjoined twins through a 6-hour complicated surgery. As per reports, the same was performed on January 3, 2021, and both the girls who were joined at the abdomen and shared a liver, lower chest bone and abdominal cavities are now living as two healthy kids.

It is said that the young couple (parents) were delighted with their pregnancy, however, the mother felt devastated after an antenatal ultrasound scan performed showed them having twins who are joined at the abdomen probably conjoined. After understanding the same, the couple approached Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children with a hope to bring these two lives to the world by fighting the odds with hope.

After counselling and understanding the condition, they gathered courage for the same. The treating team soon started approached the Wadia Hospital. Doctors claim that every aspect of treatment was challenging, whereby the mother was followed up closely till term and the twins delivered by a planned cesarean section. The babies had a combined weight of 4.2 kg at birth and were kept in the NICU after birth. While one baby was pink while the other was pale

Medical reports reveal that the babies were clinically active and fused at the abdomen. They then underwent extensive investigations to understand the complexity of separation surgery, whereby the CT scan imaging showed that the twins shared a liver, lower chest bone, and presumably intestines. Doctors further emphasised that delaying surgery and postponing the same at a later age would have made the surgery easier however the life would have been difficult both for the kids and parents.

All the complexities, risks, and benefits of early versus late surgery were discussed with parents who opted for separation surgery which was carried out on Day 14.

The statement released by the doctors revealed, “They were having a common liver and were joined from the lower chest bone up to the umbilicus. Special technology of cutting liver using a harmonic scalpel and T seal was used which minimized blood loss to less than 10 ml. The entire procedure lasted for 6 hours and the babies needed post-operative ventilator support for 2 days. Gradually, the babies were started on feeds since Post-operation, day 3. The babies are now active on full feeds with gradual weight gain, their wounds have healed well. After discharge, we have designed a multidisciplinary follow-up programme to monitor the growth, development, nutrition, liver function and immunization of the babies.”

Sharing more information about the condition, CEO Dr Minnie Bodhanwala said, “Conjoined twins are seen in 1:50000 to 1:200000 of all live births and less than 300 successful surgical separations are done in the past. Omphalopagus twins comprise 10 per cent to 18 per cent of all conjoined twins. This is the fourth successful separation of conjoined twins successfully performed at Wadia hospital, the last three being in the last 7 years. The success rate of conjoint is about 50 per cent. The exhaustive preoperative assessment, planning, and encouraging as well as financial support from the management lead to a 100 per cent success rate. At 2weeks, the twins underwent this challenging surgery and are ready to go home.”

The mother expressed her worries and said that as parents, they were excited about the pregnancy, but, were petrified when informed that the twins were conjoined. She said that the surgery was done seamlessly, and the hospital did not charge for the same. Babies face no problems after the surgery and the doctors are taking care of them.

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