World Kidney Day: One in 17 Indians suffer from kidney failure

According to medical statistics, over two lakh patients in India are in need of dialysis


On the occasion of World Kidney Day, Mira Road’s Wockhardt Hospital had organised music therapy for patients who were on dialysis. 

According to medical reports, one out of 17 Indians suffer from kidney failure and in the last 10 years, the number of diseases associated with kidneys has doubled. 

Patients who suffer from ‘chronic kidney disease’, their kidney starts deteriorating and then they are left with no option but to go for dialysis. Apart from this, the other option is kidney transplantation. But, for kidney transplantation, it is very important that the blood group of the donor and the patient matches. Also, kidney transplantation can take place only when a relative of the patient donates a kidney,” Dr. Mahesh Prasad, Nephrologist, Wockhardt Hospital. 

According to medical statistics, more than 2 lakh patients in India are in need of dialysis. But, currently, only one lakh patients are taking treatment for dialysis. 

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