Is MHADA's new scheme favouring the High-Income Group?

MHADA clarified that houses allotted to the high-income group in Mira Road fall in the old scheme and were not being sold


Maharashtra Housing Development Authority (MHADA) believes in providing affordable homes to people who belong to economically weaker sections (EWS) and low-income groups (LIG). Likewise, the rates of the houses are decided. However, when Konkan Housing and Area Development Board, a wing of MHADA, announced the lottery, it mostly focussed on people of high-income group (HIG). Rates of the houses that have been allotted for the HIG are similar to that of houses allotted for LIG.

According to the MHADA’s advertisement, a house in Mira Road which is allotted for the EWS is of 21 square metre and is worth ₹18.46 lakh. Likewise, in the same area, the house allotted for HIG is of 34.90 sq metre and is worth ₹19.13 lakh. Both the houses have a difference of only ₹67,000.

A person who belongs to EWS has an income between ₹10,000 to ₹25,000 and will have difficulties to pay ₹18 lakh for a house but a person who belongs to the high-income group and has an income of more than ₹75,000 can easily pay for a house that is worth only ₹19 lakh.

As per MHADA rules and regulations, area and the rates of EWS, LIG, MIG and HIG houses are already decided. However, this year’s Konkan Board lottery displayed a lot of disparity. In the Virar-Bolinj area, a house that is allotted for the middle-income group is of 60.73 square metre while houses allotted for the high-income group in Mira road are of 34.90 square metre.  

When Mumbai Live spoke to Vijay Lahane, Chief Officer of Konkan Board of MHADA, he clarified that houses allotted for the high-income group in Mira Road fall in the old scheme of MHADA and were lying idle. Hence, these houses were added in this year’s lottery and had to sell in high-income group, he added.

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