MHADA woes continue as waiting list winners reject expensive Parel flats

29 out of the 36 flats from MHADA’s Mumbai Board have been returned by the lottery winners. The winners from the waiting list also have refused to buy the flats, claiming that they are ‘too expensive’.


In November 2017, Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) drew the lottery for Mumbai Board’s Lower Parel flats. However, the board has faced a lot of trouble regarding the residences as 29 out of the 36 flats were returned to MHADA after the winners for the flats were announced.

Accordingly, MHADA’s Mumbai Board turned to the winners from the waiting list and offered them the flats. But the winners from waiting list turned down the flats as well.

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On November 10, 2017, MHADA had announced the lottery winners for its Mumbai Board. The lottery consisted of 36 flats from High Income Group (HIG). Two of the flats amongst the 36, were priced at ₹1.95 crore whereas a price of ₹1.25 crore was set for all the other flats. Due to this, the officials were skeptical about the sale of these houses and their doubts turned out to be true when 29 out of 36 flats were returned.

Despite this, MHADA officials had expected that the flats won’t be left unsold since they will be distributed amongst the waiting list winners. However, since the winners from waiting list also have declined to accept the flats, MHADA seems to be in a fix. The winners on the waiting list have claimed that these houses are ‘too expensive’.

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When Mumbai Live contacted Sanjay Bhagwat, the co-chief of the Mumbai Board, he confirmed the return of Lower Parel 29 flats from the winners and stated that the winners from waiting list are "uninterested" in buying the flats. He further added that the houses that will go unsold will be pushed forward to the next lottery.