People return 29 high-priced houses in Parel to MHADA

Additional to houses in Parel, around 168 houses in Tunga-Powai were returned to MHADA owing to its high price

People return 29 high-priced houses in Parel to MHADA

In 2017, Maharashtra Housing Redevelopment Authority (MHADA) was criticised for selling houses at exorbitant rates in Parel while a common man was royally ignored. However, it seems this very decision has backfired at MHADA, as 29 people have returned their Parel flats to them.

A similar incident took place at Tunga-Powai, where lottery winners have returned 168 houses worth ₹1.39 Cr to MHADA. This is the first time when lottery winners have returned houses in large numbers.

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On November 10, 2017, MHADA announced a lottery of 819 houses that included two houses in Lower Parel worth ₹1.96 Cr and ₹1.42 Cr, respectively.

Before MHADA announced the lottery of 891 houses, Mumbai Live had reported that 44.21 square metre house in Lower Parel was worth ₹1.95 Cr and 33.80 square metre house were worth ₹1.50 Cr. MHADA was criticised for selling high-priced houses in comparison to private builders. Many demanded to lower the price of the same but MHADA officials didn’t budge and sold the houses.

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One of MHADA’s senior officers confirmed that out of 36 lottery winners, 29 have returned their flats. He added that these houses will now be allotted to the people who are on the waiting list.

My mother won the house in Lower Parel but as it was high-priced, we returned it to MHADA,” Dr. Prasad Tandur, son of a lottery winner Sharda Tandur.

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It is believed that people who are on the waiting list are unhappy with the houses because of its high rates. Also, if people on the waiting list express disinterest in buying these houses, then MHADA will have to add these houses in the upcoming lottery.

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