• MMRDA pulls up Socks

Mumbai - Metro building is in full swing on D.N.nagar, Andheri west to Dahisar west (metro 2A ) and Andheri east to Dahisar east (Metro 7) routes. This would lead to mega traffic block in western suburbs. To ease this block MMRDA and traffic police have pulled up their socks. MMRDA has given the police materials worth 25 crores and human resource. Out of this 25 crores, 15 crores will be spent on traffic assistants as well. MMRDA has urged BEST to run additional A.C buses in this area and railway to increase the number of trains between Andheri and Dahisar. Also has urged citizens to use carpooling, to avoid parking around metro work, to use public transport as much as possible.

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