The MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation) recently decided to construct a casting yard at Juhu Beach for the Bandra-Versova Sea Link. However, the Bombay High Court, activists, and citizens were unhappy with this as the construction work in the area could potentially destroy the beach and its environment.

It is now being revealed that an independent developer has offered 11 hectares of land in Malad (West) to the MSRDC for the construction of this casting yard. Currently, the MSRDC is reportedly assessing the plot in Malad by checking for any legal issues pertaining to the land, along with some other details that need to be ironed out before commencing the work. 

An MSRDC official who chose to remain anonymous said “We had invited bids once before. But since there was only one bidder, we recalled the tender and invited fresh bids. But even the second time we only got one bidder. So now we will scrutinize the bid and lease the land.” The official also reiterated that plans to construct the casting yard in Juhu have been dropped since Malad West is now in consideration. 

This has, no doubt, come as great news for activists who were fighting to keep Juhu beach clean. Several volunteers have engaged in widespread beach cleaning programs in the area, which has brought the residents of the city together with a goal to protect it. 

MSRDC has been going through a bit of legal trouble with regard to the construction of this casting yard. In April this year, the Bombay High Court rejected the body’s request to construct the casting yard in Juhu beach. 

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