'Tree Lovers of Santacruz'

    'Tree Lovers of Santacruz'
    Mumbai  -  

    There has always been a fine line between development and conservation. Deforestation done for development may be welcome as it creates opportunities but at the same time this leads to global warming and climate change issues. With various projects going on, Mumbaikars seem to have warmed up to this distress call.

    Many individuals and organizations have come ahead to save trees in mumbai. 'Tree Lovers of Santacruz' have taken up the cause of planting as many trees as possible.

    This group was formed by residents of Santacruz and Khar danda taking into account the demographic changes happening in their area in the past few years. Tree have been cut for road widening, huge towers have come up, heavy traffic has increased pollution.

    This group will lead the way to save trees in Khar danda. They have also decided on planting more trees apart from replanting of original trees, said Prerna Sodhi while interacting with Mumbai Live.

    Sodhi added that the citizens are upbeat about this move and are supporting them. If mumbaikars in other suburbs too come together for such environmental causes, Mumbai can certainly beat the pollution and the heat.

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