Anna's Medu Vada Mind It!

    Mumbai  -  

    Masjid Bunder - 99% of people will go yum over the smell of Meduvada & tickling Coconut chutney and of course not forgetting the hot Sambar. 1% will grab the plate and start aimlessly leaving aside the delicacies. That makes 100% isn't it? Satiation of senses takes backseat what matters is the quench for the Udipi food. Facing hunger pangs drop in on Janjeer Street, Masjid Bunder at Kariappa Aiyer's stall. Sink in the delicacies of Idli, Medu Vada, Dosa, Spicy sambar and Coconut chutney. People from all over the city come here to enjoy the South Indian fast food.

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