Blend it like 'Abhang Repost'

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    Mumbai - 'Abhangas' - verses composed by saints in Maharashtra on devotional tunes is undergoing transformation. 'Abhanga Repost' the band has been giving a new avatar to abhangas. Abhanga Repost was formed in May 2014, by Swapnil and Dushyant. Viraj Acharya, the band's percussionist met them in KC College and was overwhelmed with the concept, consequently joining the band. Other than triumvirate aforementioned, band also includes Suyog Gosawi, Ajay Wahvad and Piyush Acharya. Band members have performed around 75 stage shows till date. The band also performed in the musical event 'Saanjh Swaranchi' helmed under Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray.

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