EAT Right!

EAT Right!
EAT Right!
EAT Right!
EAT Right!
EAT Right!
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Andheri - "Stop eating CRAP", CRAP stands for -

C - Carbonated Drinks
R - Refined Sugars
A - Artificial Food
P - Processed Food
This is the real motive of Shree Krishna Stall near Joggers Park, Andheri Lokhandwala (west) behind serving diet soups and salads on their stall. The list of items that are available for the customers -
Mint Soup
Bottle Gourd Soup
Moong Dal Soup
Corn Soup
Tomato Soup
There are over 20 varieties of soups available and various fruit juices are also there for customers to satiate their thirst.

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