Eat well, Feel great

  • Eat well, Feel great

Juhu - These mouth watering delicacies are packed with health benefits too.. they are made with only plant based ingredients, this is the new mantra of healthy lifestyle...go vegan.. avoid anything that has ingredients sourced from animals like meat, dairy, eggs and fish. more and more celebrities are joining the vegan brigade as it is not only health oriented but soul soothing too.

contrary to belief vegan food is not tasteless or boring. In fact, most of the recipes can be cooked with the vegan twist and the flavors and aroma still remains the same.
not only food but fashion can also go vegan way where materials are sourced from plant fibers and plant based dyes are used
This amazing discovery of vegan lifestyle was part of an exhibition organised by pro ahimsa group at Juhu . where health conscious and animal-friendly Mumbai-kars were seen in large numbers . this exhibition is on till 27thof November

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