Improve your eyesight with this eye exercise

Constant use of mobile phones weakens the eyes

Improve your eyesight with this eye exercise

Eyes are a precious part of our body and we use them a lot. However, we neglect to take care of it as we keep on looking at our mobile phones and TV screens for hours, which directly affects our eyes.

Although we know that the light from mobile and TV screens has a bad effect on our eyes, many people cannot resist the temptation to look at them. Some of our wrong habits are affecting our vision. 

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Let's know some tips that can help to improve eyesight

Red vegetables
According to experts, it is important to include red vegetables in your diet to keep your eyes healthy and improve vision. These vegetables should include carrot, capsicum, papaya and a dairy product, milk. 

Exercise your eyes 
Along with the body, the eyes also need exercise. To exercise your eyes, take a pen and keep looking at its tip, slowly bring the pen closer to your nose and focus on it. Look at the tip and take the pen aside again. Do this exercise 10 times a day. Doing this exercise strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision.

Roll eyes round
If you want to improve your vision, move your eyes in a circular motion. Keep looking at the wall while rolling your eyes, this will also keep your eyes healthy.

Blink your eyes 
It is important to give your eyes a break so that your eyes do not weaken further. If you work at a desk, give your eyes a break once in a while. For this, blink your eyes occasionally.

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