7 benefits of tender coconut

From weight loss to regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, Coconut water can work wonders. It can even help you get over that hangover.


The modern lifestyle is dependent on a lot of synthetic food items, antibiotics and supplements to adopt a healthy way of life. However, with the consciousness growing towards adopting the age old practices of treating an ailment using the items readily available in the kitchen, people are now going organic and favouring natural solutions.

One of such items include tender coconut, which is a popular choice among those who prefer a healthy way of life. The benefits of the same will leave you amazed. 

  • Weight Loss
    Known to increase your metabolism, tender coconut is a preferred choice to reduce weight. Suggested by dieticians and fitness freaks, coconut water can work wonders to help you reduce weight.

  • Reduces Blood Sugar Level
    Despite the sweetness of the drink, coconut water can help you reduce your blood sugar level. It is a perfect drink for those suffering from diabetes. It can cater to their cravings for something sweet but in a healthy way.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
    Most energy drinks have sodium as an ingredient. However, the coconut water can help reduce the blood pressure. With high quantities of chloride, this drink can reduces the retention water in the body which, in turn, lowers the kidney’s load and reduces the blood pressure levels.

  • Regulates Body Temperature
    Coconut water can prove to be a saviour in case of fever. Increasing the rate of metabolism and causing perspiration, it can help reduce the body temperature.

  • Rehydration
    The drink can help with dehydration by replacing the fluid loss from the gastrointestinal tract. It is more effective than most energy/sports drinks which contain half the potassium content as compared to coconut water and five times the amount of processed sugar in it.

  • Digestion
    Coconut water can help with better digestion. It contains monolaurin, which is a monoglyceride known to cleanse and soothe the digestive tract, actively killing the intestinal worms. As it has high fibre content, it prevents indigestion and reduces the occurrence of acid reflux.

  • Reduces Hangover
    Believe it or not, coconut drinks can help with hangover, rehydrating your body along with controlling urination and vomiting.

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