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    Bandra - Enter through this door to a world of leisure, relish and loads of fun. That's the concept of door No1 at Bandra, where the ambience of a New Yorker's bachelor pad has been recreated for the enjoyment of the Mumbaikar. There's a play station area, music corners, bar and yes, a library too.

    Youngsters and middle aged both enjoy chilling out here doing stuff they enjoy the most. It could be catching up with old friends grooving to music or strumming a guitar.

    The most amusing part of this experience is the menu - which is termed the faux paus menu. Unusual combinations whip up dishes that are as funky as they are delicious. Imagine mixing a chicken tikka butter roti with Schezwan sauce or sambar with chakli.
    These are combinations that most city bachelors have sampled in their hostel days and would love to try again. The menu is priced at Rs 150 to Rs 300 and your check is presented to you in a unique funny way too. Now if that isn't an ideal spot for socials and outings, we don't know what is!

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