Laxmipooja brings happiness & prosperity


Mumbai - Every day is considered as an auspicious day during the Diwali festival. It lights up the lives of people affected by the darkness of the Amavasya. The most important among these days is the day of Laxmipujan. A small identical image of Goddess Laxmi is established for pooja in the house. The goddess is worshiped by offering five objects so that happiness and prosperity enter that house. Perfume made from Chameli and Rose flowers is also used in the pooja. A Laxmi Yantra is also made on the paper, a paste made by using saffron and turmeric is used to write ‘Shri’ on a leaf that is kept on the left side of the mouth. After this, the ‘naamsmaran’ of the goddess is made and worship is offered.

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