Le Sutra Festival Bandra: A poetic zing to your weekend

The lit-fest will host a sundry crew of writers, poets, dancers and filmmakers who will converge at Bandra and explore contemporary youth issues and also present a number of fun poetry workshops


The Le Sutra Bandra Poetry & Literature Festival has hit off well with its first edition. Over the three days, January 19, 20 and 21, the festival is scheduled to host a sundry crew of writers, poets, dancers, and filmmakers converging at Bandra, promising vibrant readings, thrilling and thought-provoking discussions and mind-expanding workshops.

About fifty young award-winning poets who are going to assemble at Union Park, Bandra, will explore subjects such as gender disparity and mental wellness over the span of the lit-fest.

The festival aims to build a treasury for budding as well as established poets by inviting them both to discuss contemporary youth issues.

The festival will host a number of fun poetry workshops. Among other events, the fest will also see a poetry and a jazz evening. 

The curator of Le Sutra, Jennifer Robertson said that the festival will also have a transatlantic event on the last day in which Indian poets living in the US will read out poetry on video chat.

In another event, poets in academia such as Sharmistha Mohanty, Vivek Narayanan, Ranjani Murali, Aishwarya Iyer and Nandini Dhar will engage in a lively discourse on poetry.

Also, there will be a cheeky Terribly Tiny Roast with Chintan Ruparel, co-founder of TTT. Chintan Girish Modi, a freelancer researcher will also be present at the fest with whom you can discuss climate change, learn how to write poetry and discover new ways of appreciating poems and lost literature by women.

A great way for young millennials and digital natives to engage with each other and celebrate art, the Le Sutra Festival is a must visit for all poetry enthusiasts in the city.

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