Meet as strangers, part as friends

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    Cuffe Parade- Green lasuni kheema, patra fish, mutton chops in red masala, chicken pulao with paya soup. Mouth watering, isn't it?

    These are delicacies you will not find easily on any city restaurant’s menu but you will definitely find them in Nafisa Kapadia's kitchen. Kapadia, who is a dab hand at cooking traditional Bohri fare, now offers this feast to food lovers every Sunday, at a tag of Rs. 1500 per head.
    These are Kapadia's food meet ups, a concept that is catching fast in big cities like Mumbai where people come from other cities and can go to any length to savour different cuisines.
    Here, foodies get to savour delicacies, the locals get a means to earn a few extra bucks and make new friends too. Mumbai is a melting pot of various cultures like Bohris, Parsis, and East Indians, but how much do we know about their lifestyle? Cuisines are the best way to get a glimpse into these cultures. In these food meet ups, strangers get to bond over food, have conversations and part as friends, with a promise to have another culinary encounter soon.
    The way to a city's heart is indeed through its stomach!

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