Men’s Earrings And Studs To Make A Statement In 2022

Gen Z and younger millennials have become the prime focus of most menswear brands. This has sparked changes in creativity which have even spread over to the jewellery market domain.

Men’s Earrings And Studs To Make A Statement In 2022

In recent years, men have become bolder in their jewellery choices. Some spectacular red carpet events with male celebrity appearances have widened the jewellery fashion choices for men worldwide. Gen Z and younger millennials have become the prime focus of most menswear brands. This has sparked changes in creativity which have even spread over to the jewellery market domain.

Men’s Jewellery Revolution

Today, the range of men’s jewellery is vast and extends from bead necklaces to shells and pearl pendants and metal studs and rings. This is just the beginning of the jewellery revolution today in menswear with layered neck chains and bracelets. Men's earring and studs are not far behind and have carved a niche in the men's jewellery market.

Men Earrings & Studs

Unarguably, when we talk about ornaments for men, earrings and studs shine forth as prized indulgences. They are simple yet elegant and exude the person's style quotient. The creative simplicity exuded by studs makes up for the perfect design for men's earrings. Male earrings and studs are the simplest fashionable ornament that the modern man can adorn on his ears and make heads turn.

Today, finding your favourite men's earrings is as easy as it can get. There is no need for you to throng the jewellery showrooms or trinket shops to try on and select the trendiest ornaments. You can find multiple options in various categories, compare them with other available similar items, and then make your purchase decision. The designs are aplenty so that you will be totally spoilt for choice.

Trendy Religious Studs

There are cool stud pieces in oxidized gold and silver plating available, symbolizing various religious symbols. For example, there are studs that represent the eternal ‘Trishul’ and ‘Damru’. For the Lord Shiva worshippers, there are the ones that bear the names of your favourite “Shiv” and “Har Har Mahadev” in styles you will love to flaunt on your ears. For others, there are trendy cross designs in metals.

Magnetic Studs

This is a class of men’s earrings and studs that are built with highly durable and skin-friendly stainless steel plating. The best part with these studs is that they have tiny magnets attached at the back so that the two pieces of the studs stay in place on your ear.

This means you need not even have to get your ears pierced for these pieces! Just put the two metal pieces on your ears, and the magnets will hold them in place. They are very convenient for daily wear, and you can easily match them up with your daily casuals or office wear. 

Screwback Studs

The screw back studs have the simplest of designs and the locking mechanism. There is just a tiny screw that holds the studs in place on your ear. But the designs are aplenty and really magnificent ones. There are barbell earrings with crystal screws, stainless steel Superman icon studs, and even tribal feather metal studs. Some of these studs are Rhodium plated Solitaire hearts and star designs and have a long-lasting shine and a glossy finish.

Iconic Hoop earrings

Who said hoop earrings are for girls only? You will find some of the coolest tiny metal and brass hoop earrings for men with silver polish for an added look. There are also unisex stainless steel hoop earrings and ear cartilage rings, along with stud earrings for men.

Hoop earrings are very versatile and wearable for men so that they can even sleep in them easily. There are also “Huggies", which are smaller and thicker hoops that sit close to your earlobe. They are available in elegant designs that do not draw a lot of attention, and at the same time, they are one of a kind earpieces for men.

Dangling Earrings for Men

Now danglers are not just for the womenfolk!  If you are the kind of man who is oozing with confidence to pull this off, you can go ahead and make a statement with a pair of dangling earrings. This dangling look for men may appear a bit bolder than the simple hoops or studs, but it looks fantastic.

These dangly earrings are available in several styles and designs. You could choose from a simple star or a cross or gold chain men. If you like to go in for a bit of extravagance, you could try the slightly bigger dangling earrings with Boho flowers with feathers and pearls.

Funky Male Earrings and Studs

Add a bit of craziness with some really cool designs of metallic studs. Find studs in shapes of square, arrows, anchor, Batman icon, screw, and even a skull! To add a unique touch, there are even moustache shaped studs and those in the shape of a crab, lobster or dragon! 

Find a whole range of novelty male earrings & studs online for amazing dil ki deals. Get precious and trendy ornamental pieces that suit all kinds of wardrobe requirements. You will find designs in various categories and materials so that you can easily match them with your outfit for any occasion. So choose a pair of trendy studs and get ready to rock.

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