5 Minimalistic Home Interior Designs you should follow


Minimalism is the best new fashion trend and everyone is switching to it for multiple factors. Gone are the days of 'the more the better'. People today are no longer interested in buying big and gawky furniture, too many decorations and just about anything and everything that could be bought to appear trendy and fashionable. Buyers and decorators are more interested in efficiency, sustainability and a smart look which ensures great function as well as fashion. Having said this, it is clear that minimalism does not mean monochrome colour scheme and empty space. It emphasizes the bare minimum that is required to make the space liveable and functional.

Here are 5 Latest Home Interior Designs Following minimalism

Invest in Statement Furniture Pieces - It's not recommended to fill your house with a lot of furniture, most without many purposes in your life. Instead select a unique and stylish piece of furniture which can be the centre of attraction in a room and design everything else around it like light fittings, art installations, plants and more. A centre table can be a wonderful addition that not only has functionality but also style. Check out centre table designs when planning on the look.

Chic Light Designs - Design rooms with simplistic but beautiful light fittings that act like art pieces. Unique designs like lights hanging from the ceiling or soft small fixtures and designer statement pieces that are not overpowering but add personality and charm to a room are the best way to go.

Statement Art Pieces - Although this may seem to go against minimalism, installing a big bold artwork as the main piece of attraction in a room that reflects the artistic eye and personality of the owner, while keeping everything else simple and sleek is a great way of styling a room and making it look gorgeous. The art piece adds the right amount of pizzazz to an otherwise monochromatic room design. Let no other furniture or fixture overpower the main art piece.

Focus on the View - If a room offers a great view then it is best to accentuate the view and make it the main attraction of the room while keeping the interior décor very neutral and simplistic. Only add the bare minimum furniture required while keeping every other décor item aside. However, a few art pieces or house plants can be kept but make sure they complement the vibe of the room and does not obstruct the view.

Spacious is Good - Do not feel the urge to fill up empty spaces with furniture or other décor items. Let the empty space become the décor and add character to the vibe of the room. Minimalism believes in keeping things light, airy and free. De-clutter is the main mantra of a minimalist and thus the more the space element in a room, the better it is.

These five simple but unique ideas can easily help to create a minimalist abode and de-clutter all the junk that one does not need. It compels one to focus on just what's needed and then utilize it in a fashionable way. Hope these ideas help!