Now dress up to the occasion with 'pocket-friendly' Closet on Cloud

Now dress up to the occasion with 'pocket-friendly' Closet on Cloud

Ever had that dilemma of finding something beautiful to wear without burning a hole in your pocket? Or can't reuse that expensive dress again because a picture is up on Facebook and Instagram?

Then here’s something new for you Mumbaikars!

Closet on Cloud, with its unique concept, brings a simple solution – access without ownership. Most people are fine with the idea of renting cars, entertainment and other people's beach houses, thanks to companies like Airbnb, Uber, Netflix. But clothes? It's still a rarity, Except not anymore, Mumbai-based entrepreneurs Prachi Nanda and Palak Hirani have hit on a solution.

How does Closet on Cloud function?

This new service will work similarly to the traditional concept of a library – wherein users can select up to three items at a time from a vast inventory of clothes and accessories available online and keep it for as long or as little as they want. Once a user returns a piece of clothing in the provided CLO tote bag – she gets shipped another one from her selection queue. All for a monthly subscription fee which includes insurance and dry cleaning, so she won't be held accountable for normal wear and tear or any cleaning fee.

The inventory is a mix of statement pieces and instant outfits and everything in between. In a world where every event is photographed and appears on social media, Closet on Cloud enables a woman to have her Cinderella moment for a fraction of the retail price.

The whole idea here is to create a rotating closet with zero commitment to an outfit and to give users control over how long or how short they want an item," Prachi Nanda, co-founder.

Companies like Flyrobe, Stage3 and LibeRent also allow customers to rent clothes and accessories, but CLO is the first to do so on a subscription basis focusing on western wear.

It is an easy way to make your everyday occasions into special occasions. In the near future, there will be a portion of your wardrobe that you don’t own forever," Palak Hirani, co-founder. 

How much will it cost?

Beta subscribers have been paying to try out the service since August, and the waitlist has now opened up for the year-end launch at a special monthly fee of INR 1,499 for their first 100 customers for a month. “I was initially apprehensive about the concept of renting clothes due to hygiene and fit, however, every item provided by CLO was always freshly laundered and fitted to my size in great packaging. If there is one service I would rent from again, CLO is definitely it”, says Ushma Mehta, a beta subscriber.

CLO wants to create a platform for women to freely express, experiment and even change their style while being environmentally responsible. The ethos of the company is to promote sustainable fashion and reduce textile waste while keeping in mind the users need for updated fashion.

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