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New novel for you this winter


Mumbai- 22 yr old Dhanashree Kadam never thought she would be writing so much, not till her first novel " I live for you" sold like hot cakes. She is back with her new novel " Sussana Jones"

"I live for you" was about the relationships, moments spent with your loved ones and above all rekindling the lost love.
'Sussana Jones', is a love triangle, story of 23-year-old catholic girl who after the sad demise of her father finds a ray of hope when she meets a rich Hindu politician's son Abhishek Mehta.
Abhishek deserts Sussana and in comes his childhood best friend Malcolm Davis, who helps Sussana fight this heartbreak. Abhishek wants a second chance, Malcolm has not confessed his love, what's going in Sussana's mind? To know the answer purchase the book.
Dhanashri wants to make a mark in English and French literature. She admires Sudha Murti and Jhumpa Lahiri and wishes to be one of them.