Stray dogs find a new home

    Stray dogs find a new home
    Mumbai  -  

    At this point of time, there are many rescued Indian dogs that are waiting to get adopted. And there are various NGO’s who help them getting a new home. The 'World for All' is one such NGO who is been working relentlessly for Indian dogs.

    ‘World for All’ NGO had organized a two days adoption programme at Hypercity Mall of Malad on Sunday. Almost 15 dogs were put up for adoption and 30-35 pet enthusiasts had come for adoption. 'World for All' NGO were successful in their initiative, as eight dogs got adopted. Many dog lovers and owners had come for the adoption programme. “Dog lovers usually pet dogs of a different breed but they overlook Indian dogs, which are healthy and live long. Here, we tried to inculcate dog lovers that even rescued Indian dogs can be better pets. We were happy to see the response,” said Taronish Bulsara, Co-Founder & President, World for All, NGO.

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