There’s no shortcut to fitness

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    Mumbai - Handsome hunks and heroines with chiseled bodies may attract us to theatres, and six packs and hot bods may boost box office collections.

    But what appears on screen is won through a lot of hard work. We would all love to have a body like that of a celebrity, but is it possible?
    The country’s first celebrity fitness trainer Leena Mogre tells us that it’s very easy for us to think of crash diets and quick workout plans but we need to be aware of the realities.
    Mogre, who believes in a disciplined life and a strict exercise regimen, says celebs who look good on screen maintain a stringent workout and diet schedule that runs for months. Besides, they do not keep 6 packs all the time, they do it only when they need it for a particular on screen character.
    Don’t follow them blindly, is what she advises.
    She cites the example of film star Akshay Kumar, who is an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ person – which may sound like a boring lifestyle but that’s part of his dedication to a fitter lifestyle. Losing upto four or five kilograms in a month can sometimes be achieved through a judicious combination of proper food and working out. However, the key is to ‘remain fit, and be happy’, as Mogre reminds us.

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