Pune-Kohlapur-Vijaydurg: The 'Savaari' you should go on...


Our team here at Mumbai Live has had a very busy year and some of us did not get a chance to take a break from the schedule. Although the city has a lot to offer, we were looking for other places and opportunities to explore in the neighbouring regions such as the rural and historic corners of Maharashtra. This is because some of us had visited scenic locales, to escape the monotony of the routine, for a short while. We were suggested by some of our friends in the office about this great companion on these weekend escapades called 'Savaari.' It is a car rental serviced that has impressed them always, and they have relied on it. As we were heading towards Pune, they suggested us to try as it was simple and reasonable - book a Savaari cab in Pune because of the excellent service and trained drivers.

So once all this was done, our long weekend off from work was planned. We decided to go on an extended road trip from Pune to Kolhapur with interesting stopovers. None of us had seen any of these places, except probably on TV. Plus, the weather in this part of the state, around this time of the year, was perfect for travelling.      


Pune to Kolhapur

The journey started early morning from Pune on the AH 47. It is nearly 233.6 km to Kolhapur and takes 4.5 hours to reach by this road. But if you are going to make multiple stops and detours, your ETA will definitely extend.

We made our first stop at Wai. This plush valley region on the foothills of the Sahyadri Range is known for its scenic beauty. The cabbie took us to a viewpoint to take a look at the beautiful valley region below, dotted with small houses and fields.

When you are with children, food stops become a part of the journey. So we did halt at an experiential farm called 'Mapro' which was filled with play areas and fun activities for families and children. Their food court serves a nice breakfast spread using farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and the state’s best strawberries and cream. Being early in the day it was far less crowded than it usually is.

After a delicious morning meal, we headed towards the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a natural World Heritage Site and is a part of the Chandoli Tiger Reserve. Although there are big cats and other wild species in these forests, we could manage to spot a few deer and some Giant Indian squirrels.

Around afternoon, we neared Satara. On the recommendation of our driver, who hailed from Satara, we stopped at Manas Dhaba for a traditional Maharashtrian meal. This wayside diner, about 5 km before Satara town, serves the most delicious chicken and mutton dishes in the region.

Kolhapur to Vijaydurg

By the time we reached Kolhapur, it was late afternoon. We had initially planned to stay over in Kolhapur for the night and head back home. But then locals suggested that since we are in this part of the state, we should also see Vijaydurg- a beautiful beach locale on the Konkan coast. So after much thought, we planned to extend the road trip last minute. Amid the excitement, all we did was book a cab from Pune to Vijaydurg with Savaari again and experience this superb road trip for yourself.

For the ones just like us, who did not know about this trip, this extension is another 170 Km from Kolhapur and took us nearly 4 hours to reach via the Kunkeshwar - Talewadi Rd. On the way, we stopped at Kaneri Math- a local wax museum. Unlike the ones that you usually find with celebrity figures, this museum is one of its kind with wax idols depicting Maharashtra’s rustic and rural life, culture, and mythology.

On reaching Vijaydurg, we were more excited than exhausted. Some of us (especially the kids) were thrilled at the unexpected extension of the holiday. But, we must admit that it added a new perspective to the trip and all thanks to our driver for exposing us to this scenic place with virgin beaches and historic forts. It made the holiday fulfilling. For the ones who wish to travel anywhere around this place, then Vijaydurg is worth a try.

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