• Treasure in mess

Opera house- This mess is actually a heaven for those who look for rare, antique and quirky items. That’s what garage sale is for. A community initiative common in the west where people from neighbourhood contribute things they don’t use or desire or maybe they want to donate. And these good are sold at throw away prices, most often to collect fund for a social cause, like this one which is organised to collect fund for the welfare of stray dogs at Laxmi Baug hall in Opera house.

Books are always very popular at garage sale. Close second are CDs, music trivia, gift items and clothes. Shoes are always popular with girls though you may not always find size fitting you. But sometimes you may get pleasantly surprised to find a bargain which you can flaunt with pride. Though garage sales are not hat common in India they are slowly catching up. So next time whenever you hear of garage sale do visit it. Who knows you may go home with some priced possession.

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