Vintage cars exhibition — Beauty, passion, class at one go

A vintage car exhibition was held at Dadar's Mayor Bungalow and Swatantryaveer Sawarkar Smarak building which showcased the classiest vehicles in the city!

Vintage cars exhibition — Beauty, passion, class at one go

"Old is gold" was justified at its best during a recently held vintage car exhibition at Dadar's Mayor Bungalow and Swatantryaveer Sawarkar Smarak building. It was organised by Dadar's Sanskrutik Manch.

These were the cars at the exhibition

Ford, Fiat 1100, Chevrolet, Mercedes Volvo, Morris, Maruti Suzuki 800, Hindustan Motors Ambassador.

In total there were 60 vintage cars which were lined up at the exhibition. Along with this, 25 motorbikes were also placed at the exhibition.

Vintage cars and their owners

Vintage cars which were put up at the exhibition have been looked after by families for decades. One of the cars, Ford's model 'A' is a 1930 model and belongs to a Marathi speaking individual. This family has looked after the car for about 90 years. 

Apart from this, one witnessed the 1972 model - Beetle which belonged to late actor A K Hangal.

Another car which stole the show was the 1962 Fiat model which was bought by Ravi Nene. Also, 1977 Vehicle Factory Jabalpur's Zonga was also attracting attention as the car was used by the military.

Vintage cars have their own style

These vintage cars had seating space for 6-7 people, seats covered in leather, glass nearby driver was accessible and a lot of unique facilities.

The best part was their mismatch colours. Now, we don't get such cars but these vintage cars had a unique colour combination.

The show stopper car at the exhibition

The exhibition had the oldest car which belonged to Abbas Jasdanwala. It was a 1919 model and the car's name was Citron. The 98-years-old model was made by a French company Citron. Jasnwala bought it 40 years ago.

Preserving vintage cars is an expensive affair as the owner needs to keep it clean and functional. Along with this, if the owner has to change the spare parts, then they are either not accessible or they are expensive. But, one who loves vintage cars, it is a cake walk for them. 

Photos by - Manikandan