Yummy Pav bhaji !

    • Pooja Vanarse
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    Lalbaug- On the 10th day of immersion, Mumbaikars crowd Lalbaug area to see off their favorite Bappa. Everyone tries their best to do something or the other for Lalbaughcha Raja. Be it providing food to volunteers or maintaining road during immersion, many devotees are seen working. One such family is Shete who is an ardent follower of Lalbaughcha Raja. Every year, they make pav bhaji and give it free to volunteers. “We always wanted to work for Lalbaug cha raja. I am lucky to have neighbors as every year they help me in making food” said Hema Shete, a devotee. From last 40 years, Hema cooks for devotees which start from 11pm to 4am.


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