Bigg Boss 14 - Live Updates from the Press Conference of the new season


Colors TV's popular reality show Bigg Boss is back with a new season. Bigg Boss 14 will be hosted by Salman Khan, and after a tough coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, the channel has planned to present the show with a positive outlook. This time, Bigg Boss wants the scene to change, and hence the focus of the show is 'ab scene palte.' Here are the LIVE updates about the Bigg Boss 14, contestants, gossip, news, tasks and discussion on social media.


07:09 PM, Oct 20 IST
Bigg Boss 14: Will Sidharth Shukla and his team be out of the house?Click to read the whole story.
01:13 PM, Oct 20 IST
Bigg Boss 14 will be a big success : Nivedita BasuClick to read the whole story.
11:16 AM, Oct 20 IST
Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol had injured himself in the first weekClick to read the whole story.
11:00 PM, Oct 19 IST
Abhinav, Rubina, Jasmin and Nishant are in Hina's team
10:58 PM, Oct 19 IST
Gauahar's team has Rahul and Jaan
10:58 PM, Oct 19 IST
Sidharth's team has Eijaz, Nikki and Pavitra
10:53 PM, Oct 19 IST
Freshers get to choose which senior's team they would like to join
10:49 PM, Oct 19 IST
Abhinav vs Rahul

Abhinav gets a go ahead 

10:48 PM, Oct 19 IST
Nishant vs Jaan

Jaan gets the vote 

10:44 PM, Oct 19 IST
Jasmin vs Pavitra

Seniors pick Pavitra 

10:43 PM, Oct 19 IST
Eijaz vs Rubina

seniors pick Rubina 

10:30 PM, Oct 19 IST
Pavitra is being asked to rate all men in the house

Mannequin is gifted to Pavitra 

10:13 PM, Oct 19 IST
All contestant to vote for the most underving
09:54 PM, Oct 19 IST
Monday twist: Salman is here

3 contestant in the danger zone 

09:35 PM, Oct 19 IST
Seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan See Rubina As A WinnerClick to read the whole story.
07:44 PM, Oct 19 IST
Bigg Boss 14's Nishant Singh Malkhani says. I disconnect myself from negative peopleClick to read the whole story.