LIVE Updates - BMC Budget 2020


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Budget 2020 will be presented by BMC Commissioner Pravin Pardeshi in the presence of Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar and other members of the corporation. Here are the LIVE Updates from BMC Budget 2020, which includes information about Mumbai City, Education, Infrastructure, BEST, Tourism and other aspects.


03:22 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC Tourism Department

₹ 183.03 crore have been assigned for day to day activities of it will be conducted by external experts and accrediting travel agents

03:15 PM, Feb 04 IST
15 crore allocated fro Incubation labs

Start up ideas focused on helping BMC with problem solving will be granted financial aid under the provision allocated for Mumbai Incubation Labs. A total of ₹ 15 crore has been made for the same.

03:12 PM, Feb 04 IST
Water conveyance and Tunnel works

Approximately 6 crores have been proposed for re-engineering and reconstruction of water treatment plants and a total provision of 170.79 crore has been made for water conveyance and tunnel works.

03:07 PM, Feb 04 IST
The amount to be used for footpath repair has been reduced to ₹50 crore which was ₹100 crore for last financial year
03:04 PM, Feb 04 IST
Stamp duty earning
It is expected that BMC would earn approximately Rs 125 crore from the stamp duty charged during the registration of new properties.. Officials are making a plan to earn Rs 950 crore over the next 5 years. 

02:54 PM, Feb 04 IST
Budget for road development increased by by 52.24 per cent

The amount to be spent on road development has been increased from 1189.55 crore (expenditure in 2018-19) to 1810.97 crores in 2020, which will include development of major projects, traffic operation and bridges.

02:49 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC announces the dedicated department for tourism and a proposal for the same has been submitted.
02:47 PM, Feb 04 IST
₹14637.76 crore will be utilised to improve Mumbai's infrastructure and work on development projects
02:44 PM, Feb 04 IST
Budget of Rs 1500 crore has been allotted for BEST
The amount will be used for

1. Repayment of procured loans
2. Fulfill financial obligations regarding wage management
3. Implementation of ITMS project.
02:31 PM, Feb 04 IST
The budget for Mumbai coastal road increases by 25 per cent
The budget of ₹1600 crore was allocated in 2018-19, and the same has been increased to ₹2000 crore in 2020-21
02:29 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC Commissioner unveils a health budget of ₹4260.34 crores

Increase in health budget by 3 per cent increase compared to last year 

02:26 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC unveils a budget of ₹33,341 crores

Civic body announced a budget of ₹33,341 crore for the year 2020-21, which was estimated at ₹30, 692 crores in 2019

01:45 PM, Feb 04 IST
Upgrading old file storage system

Old file storage system to be upgraded to modular sliding file storage and BMC allocates Rs 10 lakhs for the same.

01:36 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC schools to have CCTV cameras at gates and classrooms. Budget of 20 crore allocated for the installation.
01:35 PM, Feb 04 IST
A total of 6,666 CCTV cameras will be installed at entrance and exit gates and rooms of Class 4 to Class 7 of Municipal Corporation schools.

01:23 PM, Feb 04 IST
17 specially-abled schools will provided with hand sanitizers and a budget of Rs 1.84 crore has been approved for the same.
01:21 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC stresses on the implementing three water break bells as a reminder to drink water.Click to read the whole story.
01:12 PM, Feb 04 IST
₹2.50 crore has been allocated for primary, ₹ 45 lakh for secondary education
01:10 PM, Feb 04 IST
BMC has proposed for delegation of new powers to school headteachers, affiliation to ICSE, CBSE board
01:05 PM, Feb 04 IST
Budget provision of ₹1031.92 crore under primary education assistance, proposal for revenue of ₹129.94 crores for secondary education
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