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Mumbai’s Meteorological (MET) Department had expressed concerns regarding heavy rains in many areas of Maharashtra including Mumbai. The department has estimated it to be six hours long. Below are the LIVE updates about Mumbai Rains, local train services, waterlogging, traffic updates and more.


09:39 PM, Jan 14 IST
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05:15 PM, Dec 06 IST
the city recorded the highest-ever December rainfall on Tuesday, in just 12 hours. Rainfall during 8.30am-8.30pm at the IMD's Santacruz observatory was 36mm, which beat the previous record of 31.4mm, recorded on December 12, 1967.
09:32 PM, Dec 05 IST
Update: Condition may worsen as the cyclone nears Mumbai. Ockhi around 200 kms away from the city, say reports.
09:15 PM, Dec 05 IST
From the photographer's lens...

Mumbai city & Rains remain inseparable as Mumbaikars shrug off the Cyclone Ockhi scare and keep thriving on positive energy. Mom's take care of their kids while distressed travelers dry their clothes at the station.

09:06 PM, Dec 05 IST
Intensity of cyclone weakens as it moves towards south Gujarat

The severe cyclone has weakened and is expected to continue to shower over northern Maharashtra and Gujarat

08:07 PM, Dec 05 IST
92 Kerala fishermen go missing off the Kerala coast

The Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force have launched a special rescue operation named 'Operation Synergy to rescue these fishermen who've gone missing. They've already rescued 252  missing people from the high seas.

08:01 PM, Dec 05 IST
Announcement from Mumbai Airport(CSIA)
07:57 PM, Dec 05 IST
With the Gujarat Election round the corner, PM Modi has this to say:

07:44 PM, Dec 05 IST
DO NOT share fake news

Several videos of massive waves supposedly lashing at the Sea Link and hailstones falling along the Mumbai-Pune expressway have been going viral on social media. THESE ARE NOT TRUE!

07:40 PM, Dec 05 IST
The cyclone is expected to cross Gujarat and Northern Maharashtra by midnight

Till then, expect heavy showers as per IMD predictions

07:39 PM, Dec 05 IST
Fishing activities to remain suspended for 10 days

Fishermen in distress as authorities won't allow fishing to resume before the cyclone completely settles. This is a 2 crore daily business which will not only affect the fishermen but also consumers, since prices are expected to rise.

07:35 PM, Dec 05 IST
Weather conditions to improve only after 6th December

With the sea expected to remain rough to very rough, the city will have to be cautious over the next 36 hours

07:29 PM, Dec 05 IST
Here's a handy guide in case the situation worsens

07:14 PM, Dec 05 IST
Authorities have kept the crowds away from the beaches to avoid any panic situations

07:12 PM, Dec 05 IST
Weather experts explain the situation

07:09 PM, Dec 05 IST
Lakshadweep and Minicoy islands among worst affected

The islands off the south-west coast of India had the Navy to its rescue and saved over 148 lives.

Food and water provisions were made by the administration too.

07:05 PM, Dec 05 IST
Parts of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat affected

The cyclone has affected weather conditions in Gujarat too and is headed for its southern coast

07:03 PM, Dec 05 IST
Temperatures in city drop.

06:40 PM, Dec 05 IST
All roads leading to Dadar chowpatty closed

Owing to the weather conditions and high tide timings, the authorities have closed all roads leading upto Dadar chowpatty

06:22 PM, Dec 05 IST
Heavy rains predicted by IMD

Mumbai Live spoke to the IMD and they confirmed high chances of heavy showers over the next 24 hours

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