Multiplex sells 'Julie 2' tickets for Marathi film 'Dashakriya' show

Max Multiplex in Nerul handed a customer tickets for Julie 2 when he'd asked for Dashakriya and the show playing inside was the Marathi film

Multiplex sells 'Julie 2' tickets for Marathi film 'Dashakriya' show

In the last few years, Marathi movies have shown real intensity and have given Bollywood films a tough run at the box office. Even though the budget for a Marathi film is not as much as other regional language movies, the industry has tremendous potential and is showing optimistic intent.

When a viewer wanted to watch the recently released Marathi film ‘Dashakriya’, Max Multiplex in Nerul handed the customer a ticket for Bollywood film ‘Julie 2’ but the screen was showcasing the Marathi film.

This leaves a big question over the real sales the Marathi film has done as all the business it did could've gone to ‘Julie 2’.

Sales Tax Commissioner, Dilip Deshmukh wanted to watch Marathi film Dashakriya on Thursday evening and went over to Max Multiplex in Nerul. As he was late for the movie, he quickly collected tickets for the movie and went to screen 2 and towards his seats (D7 and D8). When he checked his ticket, he realised the printed tickets were for ‘Julie 2’. But by then, the ticket counter had shut and there was no way to head to the box office counter.

We were late for the show, so in a hurry, we collected our tickets and entered the theatre. We didn’t check the tickets initially but later, I was just casually looking at them and realised that the tickets were for Julie 2 and not Dashakriya. I went to the ticket counter immediately but it was shut.”

 Dilip Deshmukh.

Whatever has happened is very wrong. This case should be investigated and the truth must prevail. We will decide if we will register a complain against the multiplex but soon, the whole team of Dashakriya will sit down and collectively discuss this matter."

 Neel Kothari, Producer, Dashakriya.

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