I would love to be a part of a girl band someday: Akasa

In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, ace Bollywood singer Akasa shares her journey of the new single Naagin, success, collaboration, struggle and lot more.

I would love to be a part of a girl band someday: Akasa

If one remembers the time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there were many singers called 'pop stars' who contributed to the world of pop music in India and made their way to win our hearts. Soon followed a trend of bands, where names like Band of Boys, Euphoria, Viva and many others were heard, followed and loved by millions. The trend did drop and disappear for a while, but it seems to have picked up the pace today. With the exposure to the digital medium growing exponentially every day, and with artists and talented singers making the most of these platforms, many music labels across the country, have grown the business, thereby create opportunities for such artistes, making it a win-win situation for both the entities.

Not only do these talented singers make a way through their singles, but have also presented many Bollywood songs which have garnered millions of views on digital and streaming platforms. The Indian music industry today boasts of many such singers, both male and female, who have different vocal capabilities and hence they have been successful in hitting the right chords, both musically and emotionally. 

One such singer who is followed by millions globally and loved by musicians globally is Akasa. Music is in her DNA and her abilities as a singer shined since a very early age. Precisly why she was 'the chosen one' for Mika Singh's then band, where she was the only female singer, and the youngest of the musicians. Over the years, she has paved her own path, stood for the right, been through the struggle, and proved that she is here to stay!

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, Akasa talks about her recent success with Naagin, working with another female artiste, aspirations of collaborating with peers, and a lot more. The single which released in October 2019, under Sony Music, has till date (December 2019) received more than 87 million hits on YouTube.

Starting the conversation, Akasa told us about the achievement she and the team has been experiencing with her recent release, Naagin. Talking about the same, she said, "Over a recent chat, Aastha (Gill) and I were discussing that it would be good to come together for a single, where today we don't find two female artists collaborating for a song. We both had planned that in our head and we told our label. To our surprise, the song was already being worked on and it so happened that we came together. We were excited about every aspect of Naagin, be it preparing, dubbing, shooting etc. A lot of hard work has gone into making this song as it is not easy to get two artists to work in the same page. The appreciation makes it worth it, and it motivates us to work hard."

Like she mentioned, the Indian music space, has seldom seen two female artiste collaborate for a song. Sharing her thought behind the idea of collaborating with a female artist, Akasa said, "Both Aastha and I have similar understanding. Talking about me, I have always stood for girl power and women empowerment. There is nothing girls can't do. Our personalities match and we are not just the girls next door. Being a pop star always comes with a pressure where one has to do everything - sing, dance, perform, entertain etc. Today there are many female artists who are bringing so much to the industry, and we both are alike in those aspects. We understand that it is the need of the hour today and we wanted to bring the pop culture back which is quite prevalent in the west. There was nothing holding us, and so we thought why not collaborate."

When one hears the word Naagin, the first thought we recollect is the dance or the popular TV show (cringe-worthy for many). On being asked about her first reaction to the title, she said, "When we met Vayu, he was just fooling around with the music and laughing about it. But Puri loved it. He is from Holland and saw something which we may have laughed at. He found it catchy and there it was confirmed. The idea of the song is clear. It is not a song with a message, but rather an urban number for people to enjoy. The fact that Naagin was so catchy and funny, actually worked for us."

India today has lost the magic bands had back in the years. Though there are many bands today, the music which was created by the team of musicians earlier, still stays relevant to most of us. There are many boy bands today, but the music scene lacks a girl band. Talking about the idea to form a band just like yester years, she shared her excitement and said, "Definitely. In fact I and my best friend grew up singing and pretending to be viva. There are girl bands around the world who are making their name, and so there is a space for it. But having said that, one needs to understand that there is a lot that goes into it, as everything needs to come together and be on the same page. Some aspects take time, but it can be successful when everything is aligned to make it work. Now is the right time, but everyone needs to be ready. I would love to be a part of the girl band someday and it would be so sick. I've always been about sisterhood and those aspects, and if given a choice, I'd love to have a band with Aastha Gill, Shalmali, Jasmine Sandlers, Jonita Gandhi and many others. The list can go on. Imagine a track with us... how good would that be!"

Every artiste somewhere during their journey faces a lot of struggle. Taking us through her understanding of the same, which many musicians face even today, she said, "To be honest, it is the best time for an artist as the audience is loving it. I'm lucky and blessed to have a label with me. But even then I have a lot of factors to think while I write songs. In general, people face a lot of trouble if they are not signed to a label, as they are competing with artists who are backed. All I have to say is that if an artist believes in their work, they need to just put it out and success would follow. If the music is good, it'll be picked up gradually and makes it way."