Delhi 18's street kid Prabh Deep is here to Get Bent

Tilak Nagar resident and Delhi-18's rebel star 'Prabh Deep' will be performing at The Habitat in Khar, Mumbai, and he's surely expected to light Get Bent's 4th session on fire!

Delhi 18's street kid Prabh Deep is here to Get Bent

Mumbai...Get Bent is all set to rock the town with its 4th Session. Keeping up with the promise to bring you varied music across genres and languages. This April, they come back with growing rap sensations in India. Along with Mumbai, they host artists in Bengaluru and Delhi as well.

On April 12, 2019, Tilak Nagar resident and Delhi-18's rebel star is here to set the stage at The Habitat, Khar, on fire. Prabh Deep is most popularly known for his award-winning debut album ' Class-Sikh'. With a voice that seems to be blessed by the heavens themselves to seam and blend into music that takes his audience through a vicarious journey across time and space. His rap speaks of life in the by-lanes of Delhi among the drug-addled kids, street gang fights, giving him the emotional depth he is known and loved for.

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Completely distinct from his vibe, his latest release in December 2018 - Sauce is upbeat and will get you grooving to its beats (he released a song in 2019 - K.O. let’s write about that as well including Sauce - Go with the view counts across platforms. Sauce on Youtube - 290k + 35k on K.O.). His journey from an underground MC to one of the most spectacular rappers is documented in this contemporary Punjabi Rap.

Previously, he has also performed at Bacardi NH7 Weekender(No mention of OML related properties), Hip-Hop Homeland, ADE Mumbai and Crossblade alongside artists such as DJ Premier, Akala and Nucleya and has been nominated and won numerous accolades in the field of music.

Opening the act on the big day is Ankur AKA Enkore, an English- Hindi Hip Hop artist from Mumbai who has captivated hearts and minds all around with his unique style of approaching Indian middle-class realities with brutally honest introspection. His music draws from Indian classical and Sufi to Trap and Soul and has been Radio City Freedom Award winner for Best Indian Hip Hop Artist.

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Making him all the more relatable is his amazing ability to balance all things in life -from his day job and MBA to his music- which he attributes to his zodiac, Libra and agrees that it is what connects him most to the fast-paced life of Mumbai. He has been an integral part of the Music in Blockbuster film Chennai Express starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone and has worked in 5 other albums, his most recent being Bombay Soul which just released last year.

Event Details

When: Friday, April 12, 2019

Where: Above The Habitat - 1st and 4th Hotel Unicontinental Road Number 3 Khar West Ram Krishna Nagar Bombai MH 400052 IN, Rd Number 3, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

Time: 9.00 pm onwards


Price: ₹350 - ₹970