BJP follows Congress- Eknath Gaikwad

BJP follows Congress- Eknath Gaikwad
BJP follows Congress- Eknath Gaikwad
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Wadala- Former MP Eknath Gaikwad has criticized the BJP for taking the credit of the projects which was initiated by the Congress. “For the last 70 years, Congress has worked on many projects. Still, BJP criticizes Congress for not doing any work. It is because of Congress, BJP was able to work on the projects,” said Eknath Gaikwad. He said this during a naming ceremony of Kamraj Chowk which took place at Priyadarshani Hall. This programme was launched by MP Eknath Gaikwad, wherein former MP, former leader Kumari Anandan, zilla president Hukumraj Mehta and other leaders were present.   

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